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The Build It Brilliant Academy is like a mini-classroom you actually want to be in! The short courses below are designed to help you grow a business that matters—even if you’re just getting started.

Getting Started Online Courses

These online course are designed to provide beginners with a comprehensive understanding of the essential skills they need for the following topics.

Perfect for those who would like to make an impact by sharing their voice to a wider audience.

Learning Bites Series

Want help implementing the recommendations from my book or the quiz?

Each of these learning bites contain 3 powerful and implementable exercises to help you take the next steps.  I'll guide you along in the video and you can download the PDFs to work through.  

Buy the Learning Bites individually and focus on the element of the quiz you'd like to work on.  Or  Save yourself some money and buy the series. Access all 4 modules and save yourself £18.

Offer: Buy All 4 And Save

Book Resources: Build it Brilliant Blueprint

Get access to the Build It Brilliant Blueprint bonus worksheet library! (If you don’t have the book yet, buy your copy now).