Transform your thinking... and your turnover!

You don’t have to figure it out on your own. Join our warm, welcoming, and supportive community of like-minded professionals and start getting the right kind of results for your business.

Share your gift with others by delivering online programmes, products and courses that make a real difference in the lives of your learners.

Inside the Build It Brilliant Membership, there’s ongoing support, accountability, and practical advice to turn your expertise into a vibrant, growing business.

You get help with every part of the process—from conceptualising and creating to testing and executing!

Build a brilliant business that matters.

You know you need to take your business online to have the impact you want, but you don’t know where to start.

You also know profitability is important, since it allows you to be sustainable and continue to follow your passion.

If you:  

● Feel exhausted by 1:1 work and want a better work-life balance
● Would love to attract clients in a way that feels good—rather than pushy or salesy
● Struggle with the belief that you’re “too old” or “not techy enough” to work online
● Lack the confidence to launch new projects on your own
● Are tired of the ‘hustle and grind’ mantra so many business gurus advocate...

...The Build It Brilliant Membership is for you.

Earn back your investment
(and then some). 

The Build It Brilliant Membership is designed to teach you the skills to bring in more income—with just 1 more client per month, your investment will pay for itself!

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside:

1) Members-Only Community: a safe space for you to share, network, and brainstorm—particularly valuable if you don’t have a team to support you (yet).

2) Built It Brilliant Academy: exclusive time-saving resources to help your business soar, including courses, masterclasses, swipe files, and guest content from a range of experts.

3) Ongoing Support: stay confident, inspired, and on track with regular access to your coach—me!—as well as discounts on 1:1 high-impact coaching and strategy sessions.

“I was confused about how to bring what I wanted to do into reality. How to take this big ‘thing’ and break it down into smaller chunks. I’ve learned that what I create doesn’t have to be perfect right away!”
Andrew Calvert


“My huge appreciation and massive thank yous for all you have done for me over the last 6+ months, for all your patience, openness, your kindness, your encouragement and above all your amazing talents and skills! I have made such a movement forwards in my on-line skills and foundations, I’m ready and raring to go – and it’s all thanks to your wonderful teaching, guidance and support.
Catherine Pollitt


“I used to feel a lot of overwhelm—I was all over the place. I had great ideas to grow my business but needed professional advice on strategy and structure to create an online presence. I now believe in my ability to flourish and succeed! I have more clarity, confidence, and know-how to increase income from my business.”
Shaheen Jaffary


It's time to share your gifts with the world

Get the tools, knowledge and encouragement you need to make your dream business a reality - you'll wish you'd done this years ago! 
Join the waiting list now and be the first to know when doors next open.

* Full access to BiB Membership Community for support, advice and encouragement.

* Access to the full AMA Library - All my AMA videos in the Blueprint structure.

* Free access to my Equipment and Systems PDF.

* Member discounts and offers from Experts.

* 15% off any BiB 1-2-1 and strategy sessions.

* Monthly Development Webinars to share your ideas and thoughts.

The Build it Brilliant Guarantee: If the knowledge and support I share with you through the membership doesn't help you to acquire 2 more clients per month within 6 months, you can have your money back.

Membership Options


£47 per month
(Founder members: £35 per month)

* Full access to BiB Membership Community

* Access to the full AMA Library

* FREE access to all ‘Essential’ courses, downloads and resources on the BiB Academy.

* Monthly live group Q&A

* Regular new content and online webinars/events throughout the year.

Exclusive Discounts:

* 15% discount to any ‘Premium’ courses, downloads and resources

* 15% off BiB 1-2-1 and group coaching.

* Member discounts and offers from Experts.


£127 per month
(Founder members: £99 per month)

All Essential Benefits PLUS:

* FREE access to all ‘Premium’ courses, downloads and resources on the BiB Academy.

* 1 x Bib Power Hour coaching session per month.

"Since working with Zoe I have paid attention to an unloved Facebook page which has now had a 3000% increase in views. I have learned the value of selling packages and sold my first one. I have started doing videos to put myself and my business out in the world. With Zoe’s help I am finally finding my way in how to build the aspect of my business that never really got going in 5 years. "

Tania Miller

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