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The Ultimate Step-By-Step guide to starting, growing and scaling your private practice using online technology.

In this book The Build it Brilliant Blueprint, Zoe Thompson reveals the exact steps used to remove the overwhelm of online solutions and digital marketing. Steal these steps and shortcut your journey to building a brilliant business.

 "The book is so easy to read that I sat down and absorbed so much information in one sitting and now it's my go to reference to dip in whenever I am planning a new intervention or project. Zoe understands the needs of health professionals and approaches the topic in a personable, informative and straightforward way."

Sarah Meharg
Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist and Director of Moodlifter

About the Author

In 2020 Zoe set up Build It Brilliant to help people in the helping professions to start, grow and scale their private practices using online technology. This is a combination of her expertise from a degree in business & finance, 10 years designing e-learning for multinational companies and another 10 years of building my own private practice.

 Zoe is a tech geek with a big heart who helps people who make a difference in the world to design online products, courses and programmes so they can build their own brilliant business. If you want help to market yourself effectively or build recurring income for your business, Zoe can help. 

"I was struggling to get my online business going, because I was constantly trying to make everything 'perfect'. The 4 step blueprint helped me cut out all the internal noise and just get going. Not only does Zoe outline how to get started, she also teaches you how to work smarter not harder. So going forward, using the resources in this simple book, I have the roadmap for my business to thrive. Highly recommended!"

Jonty Hikmet
Chronic Pain Specialist at Jonty Hikmet