Overcoming the Overwhelm of Social Media

Join us live with Clare Clifford - Social Media Specialist and learn how to become content with your content.

23rd July,
9.30-10.30am BST


There’s so much noise out there online, right now it’s louder than ever before. It feels almost impossible to be heard online, let alone shine. It’s all so overwhelming and creating valuable content feels like a full-time job in itself before you even start to deliver what you actually offer.  

What if we told you that the answer is to create less content and learn to slice and dice that content until you've squeezed every last drop of value out of it?  

Clare Clifford, Owner of Sunshine Digital and content marketing expert, will set out what a basic content strategy should look like for any service based business and how to repurpose every single piece of precious content that you carefully create.    

The backbone of any great content strategy should be social media, so this session will be heavy on social content. But you’ll also come away realising that it doesn’t start and end with social.  

Clare has spent over a decade in digital marketing, making her a true digital marketing expert – she’s even award-winning! Working with a huge variety of large and small businesses on end-to-end digital marketing campaigns.

Clare knows exactly how to create a bespoke approach for each business she works with, using the right tools at the right time to maximise presence, growth and getting the most out of every budget.    

Clare specialises in producing engaging & creative content for all forms of social and digital media, to help businesses shine bright and gain exposure to the right customers.  

 “If you are feeling like you’re not getting the most value out of your digital content then we need to talk. I’ll show you how to wring out every last drop of value, connect with your ideal customer and shine online.”

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