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Feel like you need accountability, support and community to turn your ideas into reality?

The Accelerator supports you with every part of the process—from conceptualising and defining a winning strategy, to choosing the right technology and testing/executing your ideas!

Wouldn't it be nice to wake up to see people are buying your services even while you sleep? AND know your customers are being looked after without you having to send everything manually?

What you get when you join the BiB Accelerator

The Build It Brilliant Accelerator provides the training and support you need to connect to more clients and build your business —with just 1 more client per month, your investment will pay for itself!

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside:

1) 5 online training modules you can start immediately. Exclusive time-saving resources to help your business soar, including masterclasses, PDFs, worksheets and guest content from other experts.

2) Accountability and support from our members-only community: a safe space for you to share, network, and brainstorm—learning from others is such a powerful resource.

3) LIVE group coaching from Zoe: stay confident, inspired, and on track with regular group calls with your coach—me!

4) Discounts on 1:1 high-impact coaching: If you ever need a little more 1:1 support you can book a Power Hour with me at a discounted price.

5) Access to my Brilliant Projects team: If there's something you can't/don't want to do yourself don't worry my team who can do that for you. And I only work with lovely people who understand our mission!!

Access to the content 24/7 no matter what your timezone
Mobile and tablet friendly so you can learn from anywhere

Hear it in their own words

Catherine Pollitt
Physiotherapist and Coach

Edith Vignal
Qualified Coach

Natasha Allan-Williams
Somatic Therapist

Pippa Cossens

How is your strategy holding you back from building a brilliant business?

You live permanently is feast or famine,
never feeling you have financial stability.

The Post-It notes for your idea have been on your wall forever!

You feel like there's never enough hours in the week,
to see clients AND build the business.

You feel massive resistance (or even terror) when it comes to marketing and using online technology.

Your head is overwhelmed with ideas and you don't know which ones are worth pursuing.

You're spending lots of time on manual admin tasks, booking clients, chasing them up etc.

These blocks are common and not a sign you're not 'expert enough,' they affect many helping professionals.

But it is possible to transform your strategy and choose the right technology so you can feel confident promoting yourself online and provide great products, courses and programmes to your clients.

“I was confused about how to bring what I wanted to do into reality. How to take this big ‘thing’ and break it down into smaller chunks. I’ve learned that what I create doesn’t have to be perfect right away!”
Andrew Calvert


“My huge appreciation and massive thank you for all you have done for me over the last 6+ months, for all your patience, openness, your kindness, your encouragement and above all your amazing talents and skills! I have made such a movement forwards in my on-line skills and foundations, I’m ready and raring to go – and it’s all thanks to your wonderful teaching, guidance and support.
Catherine Pollitt


“I used to feel a lot of overwhelm—I was all over the place. I had great ideas to grow my business but needed professional advice on strategy and structure to create an online presence. I now believe in my ability to flourish and succeed! I have more clarity, confidence, and know-how to increase income from my business.”
Shaheen Jaffary


It's time to share your gifts with the world

Join now and you'll also receive the following Bonuses:

1) ALL 4 Learning Bite Modules for Free - Save yourself £90 by signing up to the membership, you'll receive the Learning Bite series for free.

2) 6 mindset audios - as a fully trained hypnotherapist I know the benefit of subconsious work. Enjoy my 6 guided mindset audios to help you overcome your business building blocks. Including putting an end to fear of failure and learning to say no.

3) Social media inspiration  - including 101 social post ideas and 446 hashtags specifically for the helping professions.

"Since working with Zoe I have paid attention to an unloved Facebook page which has now had a 3000% increase in views. I have learned the value of selling packages and sold my first one. I have started doing videos to put myself and my business out in the world. With Zoe’s help I am finally finding my way in how to build the aspect of my business that never really got going in 5 years. "

Tania Miller

Practical Business Development Training

You'll learn how to create, implement and launch your business strategy through these 5 online learning modules.

The Build it Brilliant Guarantee: If the knowledge and support I share with you through the Accelerator doesn't help you to acquire 2 more clients within 6 months, you can have your money back.


No, you can cancel any time, although I do ask people to give me 3 months before making any decision. One of the BiB Values is service, I’d like to get to know you and really make a difference to your business. I won’t force you to stay if it’s not for you, the door isn’t locked but I equally hope you’ll give me and the BiB community a chance. All my content is protected by intellectual property rights and subject to copywrite. A lot is in video format so if you’re thinking about signing up for a month and taking the content for your own. Please don’t, success is not found by copying someone else’s magic, it’s found when you create your own, and finding that is exactly what I help you do to.

Oh, I so hear you on this one, I’ve done this myself when building my own successful private practice. It feels awful and so disappointing, doesn’t it? This is why I do things differently; I listen to your ideas and help you every step of the way. My job isn’t to dictate to you, it’s to help you find the solutions which will work for you and your business. I find the magic happens when you step forwards as your authentic self.

I know the apprehension, particularly around marketing things, I’ve felt it so many times myself. Signing up to a monthly subscription can feel like a big decision, I don’t want you to feel pressured or unsure so, if the knowledge, support and expertise I share doesn’t enable you to acquire 2 new clients within 6 months, I’ll give you your money back.

Let me help you craft your ideas so you can avoid wasting both time and money from the start. The BiB Accelerator includes 5 online modules which will help you build your Blueprint. Plus, you’ll get inspiration from the other BiB Accelerator members. We often spot ideas and opportunities for each other, finding the key others felt was missing.

I often find it’s not that you aren’t good with technology, it’s just that nobody has ever shown you how it works. Let me show you and support you through that process. Whilst using online technology isn’t for complete technophobes, you may be surprised by how simple it can actually be. I have worked with various systems and software for over 10 years, the ones I choose to use are designed intuitively.

If you sign up now the price will be consistent for as long as you are a member. The value and resources within the BiB Accelerator will continue to grow but you will always pay what you signed up at, as long as you continue as a member.

Wondering whether the BiB Accelerator is right for you?

Let’s chat! Book a free call to pick my brain and ask any questions you have (with zero pressure and no hard sell).